Position:                                On Awards Manager

Location:                              Brisbane, Australia

Reporting to:                       Alumni Engagement Manager

Closing date:                         12 March 2018

Commence:                          1 April 2018

Contract Duration:           Up to 31 March 2020


The On-Award Manager will be responsible for overall scoping, coordination, administration, logistics and monitoring of the On-Award activities in line with DFAT guidelines and the objectives of Australia Awards – Africa Scholarships. Working closely with the short-term Alumni Engagement Adviser, the On-Award Manager will ensure that Australian based activities are consistent with intermediate and long-term program outcomes.

Duties and Responsibilities:

On-Award Enrichment

  • Promote university offered On-Award enrichment activities to all Awardees through Portal communications
  • Engage with and provide advice to Australian universities to support the development of activities that will enrich the on-Award experience and professional networking.
  • Identify, promote and report on on-award enrichment opportunities with Australian organisations
  • Develop and implement the guidelines for the “On Award Enhancement Fund”.
  • Collate awardee profiles, case studies and document good practice about on-award enrichment.
  • Identify in-Australia conferences that support awardees professional development and networks and facilitate Awardee participation.
  • Identify opportunities for professional networking and the forming of positive ongoing links and partnerships with Australian entities and persons.


  • Lead the Peer-to-Peer mentoring program in particular; source industry mentors, confirm mentees and link mentees to mentors.
  • Participate in evaluating activities and reporting on mentoring activities.
  • Support other on-award mentoring (e.g. Awardee to Senior Awardee mentoring) in cooperation with the rest of the Alumni Engagement Team.


  • Lead the Stay Connected events in cooperation with an external service provider.
  • Provide logistical support for participants and quality assurance for these events.
  • Evaluate and report on annual Stay Connected activities.
  • Recommend modifications and enhancements to ensure program funded on-award activities provide value for money and realise outcomes consistent with the program logic.
  • Through the Alumni Portal, communicate with awardees on RAP modifications while on award.


  • On advice from the Communications Manager and Alumni Engagement Manager source, write and contribute to Communications outputs, such as news items and awardee profiles that enhance program outcomes.
  • Provide strategic direction to Awardees (and selected Awardee contributors) in sharing their experiences, learnings and advice on Africa Connect on Facebook.


  • Represent Australia Awards – Africa in Australia at agreed national events
  • Be the primary contact for all in-Australia activities, liaising closely with DFAT Activity Manager in Canberra

Communication / Reporting:

  • Liaise closely with designated DFAT Activity Managers in Canberra and in Africa to provide routine information and reporting on all aspects of the implementation of the award cycle;
  • Exception reports to DFAT as and when required;
  • Regular communication with the Palladium Contractor Representative, and
  • Report all suspected and detected fraud within 24-hours of discovery and by DFAT’s Fraud Policy, the respective Palladium Policy and the Fraud Risk Assessment and Management Plan2.

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