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Graduate Trainee Programme

In December 2010 the Office of the FAIS Ombud embarked on a Graduate Trainee Development Programme. The drive behind this initiative was the need to identify law graduates from previously disadvantaged communities and institutions, who exhibited great potential, but would otherwise not be afforded an opportunity to gain exposure in a high-performance specialist legal office.

In line with the National Development Plan our Office wanted to train and empower these graduates who were fresh out of law school and had no working experience. The programme, which not only seeks to upskill previously disadvantaged young law graduates, also contributes to the greater South African talent pool and to the economic development of the country as a whole.

We believe that this programme empowers young people by giving them an opportunity to come and expand their mind, develop holistically, improve their professional standing within their discipline, and be inspired by like-minded individuals.

With this in mind, the programme includes training in what is generally considered to be “soft skills”, and that we believe are essentials for success. The training includes: budgeting, how to save, ethics and workplace behaviour, dressing for success, drafting a Curriculum Vitae, and interview preparation.